Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lucinda Bunnen Artist Talk - May 12

Lucinda Bunnen gave an artist talk on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 7 pm in MOCA GA Gallery I to discuss the twelve new works featured in the exhibition From Hatcher's Pond. We would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who came out and participated in the discussion! The night was a great success!

MOCA GA President/CEO/Director, Annette Cone-Skelton and Exhibitions and Collections Coordinator, Shana Barefoot introduced Atlanta artist Lucinda Bunnen to the crowd of 100+ people who had gathered to take part in the discussion. Bunnen, who was born in 1930 in Katonah, New York, discussed several artists whose work had influenced her new collection, including Cy Twombly's large calligraphic-style graffiti paintings and the works of Claude Monet. Bunnen describes her work as an attempt to photograph the abstract imagery that she finds so interesting. To her, each piece represents the relationship between earth, sky and water. During the discussion Bunnen revealed that this series of photos is substantially larger than the selection displayed here at MOCA GA. She brought many examples of her work for viewers to admire including some smaller versions of the images in the gallery, joking "I brought some smaller ones because Jerry Cullum wrote in his article, 'They look better big,' but they look just fine this size." Bunnen ended her talk by reading the poem "Birches" by Robert Frost.

To read Jerry Cullum's review of Lucinda's exhibition on click here.

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